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1. Power on, log on and load SPREADSHEET

2. Enter the following data in your spreadsheet:


A Book of Air Journeys 8.95 3.95
Decorating Furniture 7.95 3.95
The People of England 9.50 5.95
Decisions 8.95 2.95
Great English Houses 8.50 4.25
Timescale 12.95 7.95
Roman Britain 9.50 3.50
English Journey 12.95 5.95

3. Save your spreadsheet.

4. Clear your screen of spreadsheet data.

5. Re-load your saved spreadsheet.

6. Add a new column to the right of "Sale Price" and head it "Reduction per book"

7. Enter the formula for the reduction in the new column., (Rec Price - Sale price).

8. Insert a new column between "Rec Price" and "Sale price" and head it "No. in stock".

9. Enter the following figures in the new column:

6, 4, 8, 2, 3, 5, 2, 7

10. Insert a new column between "Sale price" and "Reduction per book" and head it "Value of stock".

11. Create a formula to calculate the value of the number of books in stock, ("No. in stock" X "Sale price").

12. Enter a row at the bottom and head it "Totals".

13. Enter the formulae in order to calculate the totals of the following:

- No. in stock

- Value of stock

14. Enter the following sales figures of representatives of BILCO PLC. company for last month at the end of your spreadsheet.

Head this section as appropriate.

S. Green 9

T Philips 6

M Sawer 7

C Yates 8

15. Calculate the totals.

16. Enter your name at the foot of your spreadsheet.

17. Save your spreadsheet.

18. Print one copy of your spreadsheet.

19. Clear your screen of spreadsheet data.