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Invariably week in week out each and every week fine fair hot or cold I walk alone along the grey cold paving stone,

Never knowing whom I might meet or who it is that I will greet.

All that is needed in the day of any human being is a nod, a smile, a hello heeded

By the inner warning of another beings life that will soon is dawning.

Who is it to be no one knows one's birth, one's death - life flows.

The day is dawning another morning, another day to be on one's way

Along life's mysterious path, is this really destiny, return me quickly to my cosy hearth.

This birth is most difficult to endure I am really quite unsure

To do one's tiresome duty for the sake of all and sundry

Is really irksome and very questionable ,to which no answer is supplied.

To do or not to do therein lies the never-ending dilemma.

To thin own self is true and yet we are tied down by the constraints of the human condition.






The first cat wherever did it come from I truly wonder

It seems to be the eternal mystery still unsolved

Despite the fact that we revolve in space with style and grace

My theory is tremendous the Egyptian race miniaturised the big cat race

I am trying to achieve the same with the domesticated cat how about that!

I have reached four generations and that is Tabitha our female

Bonnie and Clyde better than Samson and Delila the duo kittens tortoise-shell and ginger

Partake in this adventure and is such fun quite alert and feline

The first ever cat that entered our married lives was to be named MIAOW

She appeared on our doorstep we fed her and asked her where are you from

She left and returned the next day for more and thus remained with us for ever more

Not true she came and went and went as she came to be renamed Beauty

To a neighbour close by who seems to attract cats of neighbours in a most magnetic fashion

It can be quite disconcerting and means well but we are now missing three Mimi Jade

Of her babies none survived sad though it is to relate but lived the shortest lives

Enough to wish for more





This was our second cat a foundling kitten left alone and abandoned

Francis brought her home what a treat another Pellicle kitten

We both were most terribly smitten

This was the true beginning of our cat family

Pauline, chichi,






Tabitha is our new kitten by eating lots of food is smitten

Daily she grows in stature rounder than any ball

Her fur is deliciously soft and truly tabby streaked

She laps the milk with delight eating food both day and night

She is quite unique not like any kitten adorable cuddly rounded

Zooms her mother is tiny by comparison and quite svelte

Elegant and mature as is Zanier her dearest sister so sweet

Always searching for her biscuit treats hidden for her to find

A biscuit game for me to unwind and enjoy with a live creature

No tomaguchi computerised animal cyber pet giving the illusion of life

No heartbeat no affection just a plastic rendition of a fictional animal

Odious really, a horrendous idea, quite unlike the true the real responsibility of love and affection returned hundred fold daily

God's creature's created out of love for us to love and enjoy.





As a bona fide member of this human race

Yesterday I was confronted face to face

With the stark reality of the sorrow

But far worse was to follow on the morrow

Two burglaries or raids on the eleventh floor

Suspects of the crime bored children not poor

What rights have they got to set upon with such rot

On poor unsuspecting victims that save and scrounge and skimp

Today sets in the darkest depression as I get the impression

Life is dealing humanity with such blows and yet nobody knows

Who is to blame oh he's insane!

I know the true story as to why he is poorly

Why are humans so downwardly judgmental

Best to ignore and pray in God's temple.





We are suddenly thrust into the complexity of this earth

From the outer cosmic creation and that is our dearth

The suddenness of our lives is in that first breath

Our primal scream we may remember this possibly in a dream

Thence autonomous in our actions and reactions

To grow and learn by imitation and rote

And may forever remain a footnote to lives reality

Surrounded by morality normality and simply banality

As we engage in lives search of meaning

We continue on our pathway gleaning

Through debris and mud fire and flood the ether

Sings its cosmic tunes in order to divert

The soul and render it most utterly alert

As we for ever revolve around the planetary spheres

Comfortable in our personal reality no less than a mere formality

Our death is received in its suddenness a fatality

To be viewed as the essence of our mortality

And some will be elevated to the status of immortality.





Dearest darling where are you now I knew you for a short while,

It was a mere 10 days of pure elation was this at last to be my salvation,

The thought of you was sheer bliss; daily you greeted me with a kiss,

The feeling was truly alive I never felt better I was afloat a high

But temptation let me down and now I just feel a silly clown,

I wish to drown my sorrows and now where are our tomorrows,

All vanished in our yesterday our today is so empty,

My vessel felt full I was soon to be so complete my life was renewed,

Through your presence and your love but it was all too short lived.

What am I to do? Where should I go? Who am I to turn to? You do not understand

How dejected is that feeling we were the lucky ones chosen at last

Our genetic personal material was now finally to outlast

Us as we could now finally wither and die knowing we'd outlive

Our deaths leaving a testimony of our very own existence behind

And yet again by a scheme of fate we have been cheated why

A question we cannot answer a lot of banter many mindless excuses

But all is merely idiotic banality and totally useless

We still have not achieved the aim and reason for our marriage

To cement and seal that love with a kindred spirit of our own

Our cats give us many kindred souls and our mind is truly blown!





Why cannot I have my peace I long for quiet?

Night falls and dawn breaks into a riot

Education, imagination, learning, intelligence,

Carry many lost marriages into negligence,

What tales of woe and of sorrow,

As women weep for no tomorrow,

The bane of there lives what you sow so repast,

The let downs and put downs the shouting lest,

You are crazy you'll not survive,

On your damn weakness do men thrive?

Emotions and notions of living flow,

Into oceans of tears you know,

The saddest person is the victim,

To be vanquished is not to win.

Victory to those that yearn,

For everlasting PEACE and learn,

Those there tomorrows are yesterdays,

Today is a new dawn of LIFE,

Living with little or no STRIFE,

For this state to retain always,

Be TRUE to yourself engage your SOUL,

To the Music of the Spheres.




There are no lies in truth it is the harbinger of light

Lies are not truths and simply cause blight

To ones own truth be fair and clear

Be truthful and not in fear

Lies are to be feared as they are forgotten

Dismissed to suit the situation

A simple imitation of lesser living

Truths are beauty fair and forgiving

Universal in their pronouncement.





well what a blow i did not know of Yellow Stone Park caldera i was in the dark
nothing that anyone can do as in cycles of 612, 000 years or so it explodes
covering the earth with gases and ash and cities vanish lets build an Ark
this time fill it with animals fish reptiles insects birds seeds with creatures abodes
hurry be quick we have no time to lose remember the bedding dried fodder
no time to be slick to impress a silly thought none the less but no harm in trying
do we build it in wood the fungi could devour the carbon but iron would rust the rudder
so aluminium is best and paint it in rainbow colours of peace as the world around us is dying
solar powered and sail in case that should fail keep oars and scores of sturdy manpower
set sail when you please within the high seas that are getting higher 3 meters or so phew
no matter to us waves higher than a double decker bus the time is imminent now for shade a bower
or was it time past even if time does not exist is manmade bring all tradespeople for crew
some games to occupy the mind and entertain be focused no trivial pursuits you know how
Noah obeyed whilst the rest upon earth were slayed pray to the Lord and be saved Om Shanti wow!

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