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romania01.jpg (15483 bytes)

Two storks on a haystack on just entering Romania


romania06.jpg (13654 bytes)

Driving through a Romanian village near Hunedoara

romania05.jpg (14153 bytes)

Hunedoara castle

romania07.jpg (27557 bytes)

An old steam line near Hunedoara

romania12.jpg (14847 bytes)

Vlad Dracul's (Dracula's) birth-house

romania10.jpg (24465 bytes)

A house in Sibiu's open-air museum

romania09.jpg (21260 bytes)

A loom from the same place

romania08.jpg (15606 bytes)

In Sibiu's main square

brasov01.jpg (20465 bytes)

A street in Brasov

romania03.jpg (23102 bytes)

Sipping coffee in Brasov's main square

romania02.jpg (28114 bytes)

A Brasov shop

snagov06.jpg (14896 bytes)

By the quayside in Snagov

snagov03.jpg (10803 bytes)

Rowing across to the island

romania11.jpg (16855 bytes)

Fresco of Vlad Dracul in Snagov lake island monastery

draculavlad.jpg (42352 bytes)

Vlad Dracul's tomb in the island church

snagov04.jpg (20944 bytes)

Near the island monastery

snagov07.jpg (25684 bytes)

By the monastery well

snagov01.jpg (14894 bytes)

Under the lake island willows

snagov05.jpg (13871 bytes)

Snagov campsite

haycart.jpg (14262 bytes)

Haycart on way to Bulgarian border

bucharest01.jpg (12138 bytes)

Monumental avenue in Bucharest with Ceaucescu's palace

romania04.jpg (14962 bytes)

A crucifix on the way to Sighisoara


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