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PARTIES:          1. The Landlord: Mr Francis Pettitt


                    2. The Tenant:



The flat at 3 Anson Place SE28 OHP together with the Fixtures, Furniture and Effects in the Property listed in the Inventory signed by the parties


TERM          A fixed term of Six Months as from ...............


RENT          £ .......          per calendar month,


PAYABLE          in advance by equal payments on the 1st day of each calendar month.


FIRST PAYMENT to be made on .................


1. THE Landlord lets the Property to the Tenant for the Term at the Rent payable as set out above.

2. THIS Agreement creates an assured short hold tenancy within Part I Chapter II of The Housing Act 1988. This means that when the Term expires the Landlord can Recover possession as set out in section 21 of that Act unless the Landlord gives The Tenant a notice under paragraph 2 of Schedule 2A to that Act.

3. IF the Property burns down or the Tenant cannot live in it because of fire damage, The Rent will cease to be payable until the Property is rebuilt or repaired so that the Tenant can live there again. Any dispute about whether this clause applies must be submitted to arbitration under Part I of the Arbitration Act 1996.

4. THE Tenant agrees with the Landlord -

(1) To pay the Rent as set out above

(2) (a) to pay any council tax, which the Tenant is obliged to pay under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 or any regulations under that Act

(b) To indemnify the Landlord in respect of any council tax which (during the Tenancy) the Landlord becomes obliged to pay under that Act or those Regulations because the Tenant ceases to live at the Property

(3) To pay for all gas, electricity, water and sewerage services supplied to the Property during the tenancy and to pay all charges for the use of any telephone at The Property during the tenancy. Where necessary, the sums demanded by the Service provider will be apportioned according to the duration of the tenancy. The Sums covered by this clause include standing charges or other similar charges and VAT as well as charges for actual consumption

 (5) To keep the interior of the Property, the internal decorations and the Fixtures, Furniture and Effects in good repair and condition (except for damage caused by Accidental fire and except for anything which the Landlord is liable to repair under This Agreement or by law) and to replace if necessary any items of the Fixtures, Furniture and Effects, which have been damaged or destroyed

(6) To allow the Landlord or anyone with the Landlord's written authority to enter The Property at reasonable times of the day to inspect its condition and state of Repair, if the Landlord has given 24 hours' written notice beforehand

(7) To use the Property as a private dwelling house only. This means the Tenant must not carry on any profession, trade or business at the Property and must not allow anyone else to do so

(8) Not to alter or add to the Property or do or allow anyone else to do anything on The Property, which might increase the fire insurance premium

(9) Not to do or allow anyone else to do anything on the Property, which may be a Nuisance to, or cause damage or annoyance to, the Landlord or the tenants or Occupiers of any adjoining premises

(10) Not to assign or sublet the Property and not to part with possession of the Property in any other way

(11) To give the Landlord a copy of any notice given under the party wall etc. Act 1996 within seven days of receiving it and not to do anything as a result of the notice unless required to do so by the Landlord

(12) At the end of the Term or earlier if the tenancy comes to an end more quickly To deliver the Property up to the Landlord in the condition it should be in if the Tenant has performed the Tenant’s obligation under this Agreement

(13) Not to remove any of the Fixtures, Furniture and Effects from the Property and to leave the Furniture and Effects at the end of the tenancy where they were at the Beginning

(14) During the last twenty-eight days of the tenancy to allow the Landlord or the Landlord's agents to enter and view the Property with prospective tenants at Reasonable times of the day.

5. IF the Tenant -

(1) Is at least fourteen days late in paying the Rent or any part of it, whether or not The Rent has been formally demanded, or

(2) Has broken any of the terms of this Agreement

Then, subject to any statutory provisions, the Landlord may recover possession of The Property and the tenancy will come to an end. Any other rights or remedies the Landlord may have will remain in force.


Note: The Landlord cannot recover possession without an order of the court under The Housing Act 1988.

Note: This clause does not affect the Tenant's rights under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.)


6. THE Landlord agrees with the Tenant -

(1) That the Tenant has the right to possess and enjoy the Property during the Tenancy without any interruption from the Landlord or any person claiming through or in trust for the Landlord. But:

(a) This clause does not limit any of the rights under this Agreement, which the Tenant has agreed to allow the Landlord to exercise;

This clause does not prevent the Landlord from taking lawful steps to

Enforce his rights against the Tenant if the Tenant breaks any of the terms of This Agreement

(2) To pay and indemnify the Tenant against all charges in respect of the Property Except those which by the terms of this Agreement the Tenant has expressly agreed to pay.

7. IF section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 applies to the tenancy, the Tenant’s Obligations are subject to the effect of that section.

(Note: As a general rule, section 11 applies to tenancies for a term of less than seven Years. It requires the Landlord to carry out certain repairs to the Property.)

8. WHERE the context admits -

(1) "The Landlord" includes the successors to the original landlord

(2) "The Tenant" includes the successors to the original tenant

(3) "The Property" includes any part of the Property or the Fixtures, Furniture and Effects.



The Landlord notifies the Tenant that the Tenant may serve notices (including notices in Proceedings) on the Landlord at the following address:


(This notice is given under section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987. The address must be in England or Wales.)


AS WITNESS the hands of the parties on the date specified above



SIGNED by the above-named

(The Landlord)




In the presence of




SIGNED by the above-named

(The Tenant)










The Tenant Hereby agrees:

I) Not to keep birds, pets or animals at the property.

2) Not to make any noise or play any audio, TV, hi-fi equipment or musical instrument in or about the property so as to be audible outside the premises.

3) To pay an additional £20.00 when rental is received after the rent due date (late payments), and that interest will be payable on rent Arrears at a rate of 4% above the prevailing Bank of England Base Rate and calculated daily.

4) That a payment of £25.00 will be made for uncleared or returned cheques.

5) To report all damage to the premises and the said effects whether accidental, malicious or otherwise, to the Landlord within twenty

Four hours of occurrence.

6) Not to bring or allow remaining upon any part of the premises or the passages or staircase leading thereto any disorderly immoral or Disreputable person.

7) Not to allow any other person/s to reside at the property.

8) That if the property is permanently vacated by the Tenants at the Tenant's own request before the last day of the term, the Tenant/s Shall remain liable to pay the Landlord the full unpaid balance of the rent receivable by the Landlord had this agreement run the full Term.

9) That at the end of a the fixed term one months written notice is required to terminate the tenancy hereby created. And that if the

Tenancy becomes periodic at the end of the fixed term then one months written notice is required from the rent due date.

10) That the Landlord may increase the rental at the end of the fixed term agreement and any subsequent rental agreements.

I 1) that all keys must be returned to the Landlord or his agents by 7.00 pm on the expiry date of the Tenancy.

12) to inform the Landlord or the agent of their forwarding address prior to vacating of the property.

13) To inform the utility companies of their forwarding address and arrange for meters to be read.

14) Should the electricity supply be disconnected, fridge and freezer appliances must be defrosted, cleaned and left open.

15) All property belonging to the Landlord must be left in the rooms in which it was found in.

16) The Security Deposit shall be security for the Landlord for:

I) Any sum which may become payable to the Landlord by the Tenant

ii) The due performance of the Tenants agreements under this agreement

iii) Any unpaid accounts for gas or electricity consumed or for council tax, telephone, water rates charges and than landlord;

Shall be entitled to discharge such accounts on behalf of the Tenant.

iv) Any expenses incurred as a result of the Tenant failing to return any of the keys to the Landlord.

17) Where Housing Benefit payments are paid directly to the Landlord or his Agent the Tenant/s must notify the Landlord or his agent in Writing of any change in circumstance, which may affect entitlement to benefit.

18) To surrender the premises in a state fit for new occupants and agree that any damage to the property or its contents or any necessary

Cleaning will be deducted from the Security Deposit.

19) That any refund of the Security Deposit, which may become due will be the responsibility of the Landlord






Witnessed by: ………Dated...