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View of the Dockyard and Saint Mary's Church from the River

(All the main features of this view are still standing today, including the delightful Georgian Church and the very Dutch-styled Dockyard Master's House, now a community centre and once a centre for photographic excellence. Sometimes, even a Thames sailing barge appears on the river!)


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Woolwich as seen from what is today Marion Park

(The hill was once used by the Romans for a lighthouse beacon and has one of the most magnificent views of the Thames in all London). The gravel and sand pits are now a nature reserve, form part of the Green Chain walk and have perilously steep slopes!)


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Woolwich Dockyard from the River

(The chimney  from the old "shop" or factory  - still stands with its magificent hexagonal sides together with some warehouses  among the newly emerging executive housing and small business units)


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The Crimean memorial in front of the Royal Artillery Barracks

(There are several outstanding monuments in this area including a magnificent one to troops fallen in the Afghan wars of the late 19th century and, of course, the Bhurtpore Cannon!)


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The Royal Artillery Barracks at Woolwich

(Nicholaus Pevsner, the great architectural historian, described this as the longest and  one of the most magnificent frontages in all Britain and it made him think of Saint Petersburg. In summer the Royal Artillery often put up stirring military band displays culminating with (naturally) the 1812 with real cannons. recently, however, the band have been more taken with their other, medical duties in the Balkans)


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