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Approaching the village of Sherston Signpost in the centre of the village The vicarage where Michael lived as a child next to Sherston Church The tower of the church of the Holy Cross Sherston

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Entrance to the church The fine Norman arcade inside the church, which only has one aisle A beautiful example of Victorian stained glass Looking towards the Apse

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It was Michael's sincere wish that his friends and family should meet together for a funeral feast with good food and wine. His wishes were carried out at Sherston's "Rattlebone Inn".

The cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral which features so prominently in the Harrison trilogy

Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Michael  

2 June 2003

Michael's last resting place beside his father outside the apse of Sherston church

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The Greenwich house where Michael wrote most of his Harrison books

Looking toward the entrance The  nautical doorknocker