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MICHAEL DAVID ANTHONY was born on 17th January 1942, the son of Welsh parents, his father being Daniel Ernest John, Anglican parson of Sherston Church, Wiltshire and sometime Honorary Canon of Bristol Cathedral. Both his parents spoke fluent Welsh and Michael was proud of his descent from the Llanthonys of Llanthony priory.

Michael grew up in country vicarages amid the idyllic, but often harsh, Wiltshire landscape and attended schools at Wells and Malmesbury.

On leaving school Michael worked as a cub reporter on a regional weekly newspaper and later travelled extensively in Britain and abroad working in a variety of occupations. He studied at the universities of Helsinki, East Anglia and London, was a student at Gray's Inn, and taught English in schools, colleges and universities in Britain and overseas. His last teaching job was at Woolwich College (now Greenwich Community College) where he was an inspirational lecturer in English language and literature.

Michael also worked as a freelance journalist and radio scriptwriter before becoming a writer of ecclesiastical thrillers which feature the investigator and chairman of the dilapidations board, Harrison.

Three books were completed in the series and a fourth had been recently commissioned. Michael also wrote the full draft of another book, unconnected with that series, which he reckoned his best yet. 

Michael was a man of many parts and of devoted friendships. His interests also included sailing, about which he wrote with authority, flying, for which he was trained by the RAF, and tennis, which he played with great vigour.

But Michael's first and abiding loves were literature and history which his published books demonstrate to a full and engrossing extent.

Michael died in Greenwich on 15th May 2003, suddenly, of a heart attack, aged 61. His ashes are interred by his father outside the apse of Sherston church where he had lived as a child.