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The land is one green

primeval coconut grove,

devotees' garden.


Rocks are broken down

into tiny pebbles -

mind's problems solved.


This sea has a voice

relentlessly calling me

into the night's waves.


The soil is spiced

perfumed with cloves and nutmeg:

a girl seeking love.


Ghee pours down his head

rosewater drips on his back:

the monkey god smiles.


Hear the columns sing

cosmic beats upon red stone

while Shiva dances.



He cleans her body,

the trunk rising from the stream,

a perfect marriage


In dank tropic's mist

the forest is a phantasm

filled with unheard sounds.


Oblique sunlight strikes

wooden slats under carved eaves:

garden of delights


On the moonlight crests

sea dragons dance in the foam,

push me to their lair


By the ghostly lake

strange beasts emerge from dark trees,

cries echo round hills.


Drums collide with stars

the gods play out their story:

scorched beats of earth's heart


This southernmost point;

three oceans caress huge waves,

destroy and preserve.


The dark chamber's still,

a universal sound shapes,

have I found you yet?


On the sunset lake -

pink lilies on the water -

bodies interlace.


Point of no return

the goddess kisses me hard

no point to return.


Upon the seashore

a parrot reads your fortune,

your smile stays undimmed.


Candles in the dark,

the circle is unbroken:

fearful conch shells sound.


The sunlight is blanched,

midday strikes unseen ashes:

return of the Gods.


A giant bird wings,

casts shades upon alien hopes,

were we ever there?