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2.1. Prepare information

  1. Select information appropriate to the task
  • Enter information into software in ways that will make it easy to edit
  • Keep source information required for the task
  • Store input systematically and make backup copies

    2.2 Process information

    1. Find information required for the task
  • Use appropriate software to edit information
  • Process numerical information by using software to make calculations
  • Reorganize information as required for the task
  • Save work at appropriate intervals
  • Combine information from different sources resolving differences of format

    2.3 Present information

    1. Prepare information for presentation
  • Present information in different ways and select which way best meets the requirement of the task
  • Use appropriate software to produce hard copies of information
  • Present combined information in a consistent format
  • Store information in files ands make backup copies

    2.4 Evaluate the use of information technology

    1. Explain and justify the reasons for using information technology
  • Compare the method use by the student and by others for preparing, processing and presenting information
  • Describe the software facilities used to meet the requirement of the task
  • Explain the effects on users of problems that can occur when using information technology
  • Explain the importance of working safely and in line with good working practice















    * Students will be observed as they carry out these tasks.

    * Students should observe all health and safety requirements.

    * Students should log any errors or faults that occur during the task and complete their log sheet.


    2.1 (1-4) Prepare information

    2.2 (1-6) Process information.

    2.3 (1-5) Present information.


    The task is incomplete

    You have some errors to correct

    You have not carried out all the instructions, see

    question(s): .......................................

    You need to make a back-up copy of your file

    The work has been satisfactorily completed.







    2.4 (1) Explain the reasons for using information technology.

    2.4 (2) Compare the methods used by the student and by others for preparing, processing and presenting information.

    2.4 (3) Describe the software facilities used to meet

    the requirements of the task.


    [ ] The task is incomplete

    [ ] You need to do additional work on question(s):

    [ ] The work has been satisfactorily completed.


    Signed .............................. Date .................

    You work for a company selling building materials. The computer you are using is similar to the one you have been using at college and has all the same software.

    A. What TYPE of software would you use to produce the following items? (Do not give the name of specific packages, e.g. In each case describe the main

    features of the software you have chosen and say why it is suitable for the particular task.)

    l. A letter of apology to a client whose order was late arriving.

    2. A profit and loss account.

    3. A list of clients names, addresses and telephone numbers, which has to be updated frequently.

    4. The company newsletter.

    B. For one of these items compare the method you have chosen

    with manual methods of performing the same task. Give

    advantages and disadvantages of each method.

    Your assignment should be produced on a computer using a word processor.


    You are going to create a spreadsheet to show the results

    of the games played in a football league competition.

    1 Load the spreadsheet application.

    2 Enter the title


    3 On a row below the title enter the first column heading TEAM

    which should be left aligned.

    Enter the other column headings, right aligned, as follows:


    These are:

    P = games played, W = games won, D = games drawn,

    L = games lost, F = goals scored for, A = goals scored against,

    RATIO = the ratio of goals.

    4. Enter, in the TEAM column, the names of the eight teams (left

    aligned. The remaining columns should be narrow enough to

    minimize the overall width of the spreadsheet.









    1. Enter the results so far:

    P W D L F A

    ALBION 6 4 0 2 9 11

    BRIMSDOWN 8 6 1 1 8 2

    COLTS 7 4 2 1 8 5

    DEMONS 8 4 0 4 9 9

    HOTSPURS 7 3 2 2 7 12

    LANDSDOWN 6 3 1 2 5 7

    ROVERS 7 4 2 1 7 6

    WANDERERS 8 3 2 3 9 11


    .6 Set the format for the RATIO column to display numbers with two

    decimal places.

    7 Calculate the RATIO for the ALBION team by dividing the number

    of goals for (F) by the number of goals against (A).

    8 Replicate this formula so that the RATIO for the rest of the

    teams are displayed.

    9 Save the spreadsheet.

    10 Print out the spreadsheet.

    11 (a) The ROVERS have changed the name of the team. The new name

    is RANGERS, make this change.

    (b) The COLTS have successfully appealed against a

    disallowed goal. Amend the COLTS goals scored for in

    the column headed F to 9.

    12 Insert a new column between the TEAM column and the played (P)

    Column to display the points earned by each team. Use the

    heading POINTS which should be right-aligned.

    13 The points earned ace calculated as 3 points for each win ∑ 1

    point for each draw.

    Generate the points earned by the ALBION team using the following calculation. :

    3 multiplied by W plus D

    Replicate this formula to give the points earned by all the teams.

    14 Change the spreadsheet so that the RATIO figures are displayed

    in integer format

    15 Delete the column headed L; it has been decided that this .

    information is not necessary.

    16 Save the spreadsheet.

    17 To demonstrate that formulae have been used in the spreadsheet,

    produce a print-out showing the formula for the POINTS column.

    18 Print out the spreadsheet.

    19 Exit from the spreadsheet application making sure the data is secure.




    1 Run the spreadsheet program.

    2 Set up a spreadsheet model to calculate the wages of

    employees whose details are shown in the table below:


    Rate Hours Wages

    per hour this week (£)


    J Smith 7.50 40

    F Bloggs 12.00 32

    J Jones 5.75 34

    H Higgins 5.75 34

    B Briggs 5.75 36

    S Simple 4.00 37

    V Granger 5.75 38

    J Mosan 2.50 46

    3 Right align column headings. Make sure that cells

    showing money are set to two decimal places.

    4 Use a formula in the WAGES column to calculate the wages

    for J Smith (rate per hour x hours this week).

    5 Copy the formula down to the other rows to obtain the

    wages for all the employees.

    6 Use a formula to calculate the column totals for HOURS


    7 Save your spreadsheet and print one copy making sure that

    it fits on A4 paper.

    8 ~ Make a back-up copy of your file using a different name

    and print out your directories. Highlight your

    spreadsheet files.

    9 Print the spreadsheet. In your own handwriting neatly

    label two spreadsheet cells, one which has been right-

    aligned, and the other which has been set to display two

    decimal places.

    10 Print a copy of the spreadsheet formulae.

    11 Save and close your file then exit the spreadsheet program.








    Correct procedures followed

    for starting up computer

    Cables and personal belongings

    positioned to avoid hazard

    Work area kept tidy

    Seating adjusted correctly

    Work is retrieved using

    correct procedures

    Errors are located and


    Work is filed safely before

    exiting program

    Correct procedures followed

    for closing down the computer