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2.1. Prepare information

  1. Select information appropriate to the task
  • Enter information into software in ways that will make it easy to edit
  • Keep source information required for the task
  • Store input systematically and make backup copies

    2.2 Process information

    1. Find information required for the task
  • Use appropriate software to edit information
  • Process numerical information by using software to make calculations
  • Reorganise information as required for the task
  • Save work at appropriate intervals
  • Combine information from different sources resolving differences of format

    2.3 Present information

    1. Prepare information for presentation
  • Present information in different ways and select which way best meets the requirement of the task
  • Use appropriate software to produce hard copies of information
  • Present combined information in a consistent format
  • Store information in files ands make backup copies

    2.4 Evaluate the use of information technology

    1. Explain and justify the reasons for using information technology
  • Compare the method use by the student and by others for preparing, processing and presenting information
  • Describe the software facilities used to meet the requirement of the task
  • Explain the effects on users of problems that can occur when using information technology
  • Explain the importance of working safely and in line with good working practice
















    2.1 (1-4) Prepare information

    2.2 (1-2, 4-6) Process information

    2.3 (1-5) Present information




    [ ] The task is incomplete

    [ ] You have some errors correct

    [ ] You have not carried out all the instructions, see question(s) .........................

    [ ] You need to make a back-up copy of your file

    [ ] The work has been satisfactorily completed






    Signed ................................ Date .........................









    1. Enter the following text with an unjustified right margin and in single-line spacing, save it and print it out with PRINT ONE and your name entered in the footer.

    Tales Retold for Young People

    Folk tales, it must be remembered, were created by adults, and originally they were told or sung to grown-up audiences. They date from time immemorial. Whenever tales were told, it is probable that children gathered on the outskirts of the audiences, and even in early times parents probably told folk tales to their children much as parents still do.

    As an outgrowth of this interest, collections of folk tales retold for children began to appear in England and America. The re-tellers of these tales recognised that in most folktale collections there were elements unsuitable for children. They believed that such themes could be omitted or changed without losing the folk quality and character of the original tales. Joseph Jacobs, Andrew Lang, Alfred Church, James Baldwin, and Howard Pyle were among those who showed the way.

    Countless tales have been retold singly in picture-book form for small children. They have also been turned into films, filmstrips, and recordings for children.


    2. Add the following paragraph after paragraph one:

    In folk literature few books for children appeared until after the middle of the 19th century. As always in publishing, these books came about because of a demand from the people. Early in the 19th century in England, Charles Lamb pleaded that the child's power of imagination be nurtured by fairy tales, not deadened by pedantic literalness. Other writers reasoned that the child's sense of wonder was a precious possession that should be satisfied by literature which had grown out of the same sense of wonder.


    3. Centre and bolden the title:

    Tales Retold for Young People


    4. Indent the first line of every paragraph in by one tab.

    5. Enter your name at the end of the text.



    6. Left and right justify the whole text.

    7. Using the Replace option change all occurrences of the word tales to stories.

    8. Change the Font style to Courier New.

    9. Change the Font size to 12.

    10. Change the title letters into CAPS.

    11. Add the following sentence at the beginning of the last paragraph:

    Since their time, collections of folk stories for boys and girls have multiplied until now they represent most of the countries of the world.


    12. Delete the following sentence from paragraph one:

    They date from time immemorial.


    13. Put the whole text into 1.5 line spacing.

    14. Spell-check your text.

    15. Indent the whole text by .5 inches on each side.

    16. Save your text.

    17. Print out one copy of your text with PRINT TWO and your name entered in the footer.

    13. Exit the program.






    1. Load the word processing program.

    2. Key in the following text and display attractively on one page. Use different font styles and /or size as you wish.



    Friday 20 December at 1 PM


    Cream of Asparagus Soup

    Prawn Cocktail

    Stuffed Mushroom in Garlic Butter


    Roast Turkey with Stuffing

    Baked York Ham and Pineapple

    Roast Duckling with Orange Sauce

    Poached Salmon in Wine Sauce




    All served with a selection of fresh vegetables


    Christmas Pudding and Brandy Sauce

    Pear Sundae Fresh Fruit Salad

    3. Save your work on your disk (or used area) under the file name MENU1

    4. Proof read your text carefully. Print (with your name on the copy) one copy.

    5 . Recall your file MENU1.

    6. Change the dishes on the menu to create your own favourite menu and add an attractive border.

    7. Add an appropriate picture - import or create a graphic or drawing.

    8. Save your file on your disk or user area as MENU2.

    9. Print (with your name on the copy) one copy of this file.

    10. Make a back-up copy of this file

    11. Close down the word-processing or desktop publishing program and exit the system.



    Yiu have been asked to attend a job interviwe and to bring an updated version of your CV.

    1. Produce the updated version of your CV.
    2. Priduce the covering letter for the CV