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Pink mist rises

from liquid grey glass

as lone jogger passes


Shingle crashes

and sun blinks dead-white

at carrousel organ


Sky’s rain-pregnant

by electric pier

while far lighthouse flashes





Ivy-hung tower

looks upon padlocked gate-house:

the past's arcane land.


Tiled fronts and sashes

conceal crucks and hammer-beams:

expressions pretend.


High rocks grow pine trees

while dinosaurs crystallise:

rain injects my skin.


Sunflowers decline

in the front garden’s mired lawn:

summer’s last caress.



Dusk leaves’ smoke ascend;

the park goes to bed sooner

and is left alone.


Like aimless moments

I uncover sand shark teeth

in forest-strewn sea.


Logic beyond mind:

these notes entrellise my heart

as abandoned friends.


Her voice, like her face,

has never dared to reclaim

life’s primal sun burst.



Poet’s loves recalled,

superstore names forgotten:

the signs of old age.


Virgin sheet’s purer

than this written-over page:

self’s fragility.







The wind's blind roaring,

winter screams to be let in:

these night thoughts devour.


Clutch of pale pansies

huddling close together:

winter's defiance.


Nothing to wait for

except the river's rising:

mind bursts with hills' flood.


Red anger of dawn,

incessant leaf-stripping wind;

when will it all end?


it's not coming right:

helpless before the descent

darkness comes sooner.


Tearing away days,

waiting for the stranger's call,

sun-touched dreams vanish.


Litter-thrown branches

on sun-glinted muted lawn:

stroke of dead tempest.


Fingers will not grasp,

loosened hair lies uncaressed,

wheels slip in the mind.



As this stone chapel

rises from dereliction

so too may our hearts.






Interstellar flowers:

climactic aureole of

a thousand descents.


Dusk’s planetary

blossoms ejaculated

in cosmic heartstrings.


White efflorescence

of nocturnal waterfalls

burns through prescient eyes.


Spectral magma flux

mothers expectant body

like evening’s corset.



Transcendent coming

lights up autumnal half-smiles

in tropical fire.


Unveiling eclipse

cascades Byzantine showers:

deluged covenant.


Body pounds in space

earth trembles beneath my feet:

alien spaceships land.


Humming birds hover

and suck juices of the night

in rainbow flavours.



Galaxy’s cleavage

in kaleidoscopic sheath:

choir of silver rain.





Windows of water

reflect on bare-tree canals

as life flows away.


They stand in red lights

as the old church carillons

a forgotten song.


My kiss flies in air

of a thousand memories,

a thousand losses.


How could I surround

my life with entanglement:

barbed wire of bare pride?



Did it take this smoke

of slow motion cinema

to re-find your smile?


Two coots screech in rain

as little waves agitate:

lonely turbulence.


Muskets and halberds,

plumed bonnets and plucked chicken:

the night-watch renews.


Old houses daydream,

sagging into the reclaimed sea

like declining lives.





Light caresses walls,

tiles, half-opened door, her face

like a lover’s hand.


There is no-one else

in this room as she picks lice

from the child’s lapped head.


You show me your cards;

can it be the winning hand?

Spaniel’s nose quizzes.


Courtyard walk, cleaned stones,

belfry tower above the wall,

kiss of morning light.





Neuron lines enmesh

in layer upon layer:

mind’s nucleus reached.


You will never paint

the car crash against the tree

when event is you.


White light, infinite

light, is life everlasting

like this and like this?


Labyrinth without

solution: no centre here

by galaxies’ edge.



Ariadne’s thread

guides your hand, catches your eyes,

seeks your heart.


City of my mind

contains alleyways of thought

within blue fences.


You taught me that life,

melting picture of the mind,

has five dimensions.


Could you paint nature,

confabulate weird objects,

when nature is you?





Ski-rush through fresh snow,

morning’s golden with new light

as heart beats expand.


Windows open wide

on little slates, spiced wood-smoke

and white-laced mountains.


Winged feet kiss blanched slopes

turning in the rising sun

as eagles hover.


Ascension church bells

and cockerel’s bugle call:

signals of new dawn.



My boots fixed in skis

earth-bound I rise in ether,

dissolve in snow-sky.


Chaffinch hops on thorn,

horse muzzles from dark stable,

stone-warmed lizard tongues.


Giants swerve past slopes

while snow-lakes appear below

in dazzling stillness.


Rushing insects trace

parallels across the snow

as ice-mountains rise.



Rainbow refraction:

so many colours in white

when snow kisses me.


New paths in the mind,

ski tracks on new-fallen snow:

infinity’s light.


Stilled by moving sky

turning snow beneath my feet

measureless sunshine.


Brightness of snow-fields:

sense-illumined horizons,

cloud shadows vanish.



As snow on mountains

I change in a new landscape:

altered yet the same.


Reign of snow princess:

ice-mountains iridescent

in arcane sunlight.


Snow melts gradually

as strange memories dissolve

and earth emerges


Mimosa yellows

crocus purple in the snow:

planet’s lush springtime.



Aquamarine night

falls on bare shaking branches

vagrant witches fly.


Fragile promises

fall like snowflakes, silently

upon dark forests.





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