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Antonia (Alessandra) Cipriani



Equity Status: Full Member No 00071800

Contact: 88 Frederick Place London SE18 7BH

Phone: 0208 855 2741


Website: Antonia Cipriani's Web Site

Date of Birth: 23 February 1948

Place of birth: London

Current place of residence: London (Woolwich)

Used to live: Italy, France

Height: 1.64 m

Colour of eyes: Brown

Normal hair: Auburn and silver streaks

Age band normally cast: 26-40's

Role types: Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, White.

See photographs of me




Special Skills: Singing, Dancing, Piano Playing, Riding, Archery/Cross Bow, Karate

Physical Features: Left Foot Scar, Right wrist Scar, Arcus Senilis.

Languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German.

Accents: Italian, French.

Relevant education and training: HND Languages/Business Studies. BA Humanities. Stage Management. Voice Training. Costume Course, London Academy of Modelling. London film Academy Diploma.

Available for walk on: Yes.




Child Listening, I Racconti Del Nonno, International Theatre 1958

Martha Cratchit, Christmas Carol, School Play, 1960s

Miss Creed, Ladies in Retirement, College Play, 1970s

Charlotte Lucas, Mansfield Park, English Language Tuition, 1970s

Stage Management, High Temperature, College, 1970s

Acting Role, Oh Che Felicit…. Ronie Productions, 1971

Public Relations Interpreting, White Devil, Old Vic Theatre, 1970s

PR/Publicity Interpreting, Saturday Sunday Monday, National, 1970s

Interpreting / translating for Channel 5 (Julius Caesar, South Bank) 1999




Voice Only-Child, People Among Us, ITV, 1950s

Irene, Avventura, BBC, 1971

voiceover/Commentary, This Week-Italy, Thames TV, 1970s

Production, Interviewing, Interpreting, Industrialization, RAI(Italy), 1970s

Production, Interviewing, Interpreting, The Chunnel, RAI(Italy)1970s

Production, Interviewing, Interpreting, Traffic, RAI(Italy)1970s

PR/Interpreting, Gala Performance no 29, BBC TV, 1970s

Interpreting/translating, Esther Rantzen, BBC TV, 1980's

Interpreting/translating, Eye-Witness, Weekend Television, 1980's

Interpreting/translating, Saturday Night Clive, BBC TV 1980's




Dubbing Roles, The Adventurers, Twickenham Studios, 1969

Commentary, French/Italian, The Clowns, National Film Theatre, 1960s

Walk On, Il Giovane Normale, Ronie Productions, 1970s

Walk On, Un Estate Con Sentimento, Italia Productions, 1970s

Crowd Artist, Una Su Tredici, Italia Productions, 1970s

Crowd Artist/Car, Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna, Italia Productions, 1970s

PR/Publicity/Interpreter/Assistant, Lady Caroline Lamb, Pulsar Productions, 1970s

PR/Publicity/Interpreter, The Alien, Pinewood, 1970s

Walk On, C'era Una Volta, Rossano Brazzi, 1970s

Walk On, A Girl With A Pistol, Italia Productions, 1970s

Walk On, Within And Without, Euro International, 1970s

Walk On, Nero Su Bianco, Lion Productions, 1970s

Actress, Dear Parents, C. Ponti, 1970's

PR/Advertising/Publicity, The Slipper and the Rose, F. Hift Assoc. , 1970s

PR/Advertising/Publicity, Shout At The Devil, F. Hift Assoc. , 1970s

PR/Interpreter, The Night Porter, 1970s

PR/Interpreting, The Rose, B. Middler, 1970s

PR/Interpreting, La Notte di San Lorenzo. Taviani. 1980's

Actress, Dickens Festival Video, 1987

Voiceover, Love and War, R.Attenborough, Twickenham Studios. 1997





Actress (Italian), Tutor Tape Company, 1960s

Various Roles, Parliamo Italiano, BBC Radio, 1970s

Various Roles, Incontri In Italia, BBC Radio, 1970s

Various Roles, Talking Italian, BBC Radio, 1970s

Commentary, Arabian Journey, British Pathe Association, 1970s

Actress (French), Carmen, Decca Records, 1970s

Actress (Italian), Stillitron, 1970s

Actress (Italian), Language Tapes, Harrap, 1980s

Speaker, Community Service Tapes, 1980s

Procession at the Horn Fair Festival, Charlton, several times from 1980-1998 (Voluntary Work)

Procession in Dickensian costume at the Dickens Festival, Rochester for 18 years from 1980-1998 (Voluntary Work)



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