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1980'S 1990'S

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Dressed up in Alperton

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Under the Wysteria

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On the Heights

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At our favourite picnic spot

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A study in absolute charm


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With the local temperance prelate and his wife

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Ready for the soiree

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At no. 39 Belgrave Square

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All set to travel

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Our country!

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A parting sigh!

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The prelate and his family again!

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Sandra with a (reformed) Fagin!

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Sandra with Miss Havisham free at last.



Ready for the soiree

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Proceeding down the High Street

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In the salon

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Fagin can't get his hands off her!

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A rainy day with the curate

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What a fine castle!

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Listening to the regimental band

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The bells, the bells!

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Is there anyone round the corner?