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Create a file containing the information relating to your credit customers given below.

Suitable fields would be eg. customer ref, name, address, credit limit and balance.

Cust Ref Name and address limit Credit limit Balance
1 Afton Tyres, 24 Hill St, Glasgow 5000 2000
2 Afton Tyres, 2 Hunter Rd, Glasgow 7000 7000
3 Acreshocks, 19 Green St, Paisley 6000 4000
4 Zippy Exhausts, 24 Craelon, Glasgow 2000 1900
5 Afton Radials Ltd, 5 Mill Park, Glasgow 8000 1000
6 Sparky Ltd, Mayloan Ind. Est., Paisley 10000 9000
7 Afton Tyres, 29 Greenacre Rd, Paisley 12000 600
8 Wheelies, 20 Marlborough Drive, Glasgow 5000 100
10 Speedway Capers, 18 Main St, Glasgow 3000 400
11 Afton Tyres, 42 Haven Ave, Paisley 8000 2000
12 (Enter your name here)    


Using the file on credit customers which you have created, carry out the following operations:

(a) List and print out the customers in alphabetical order

(b) List and print out those customers who owe more than 2000

(c) Add the following new customers


Customer ref Name and Address Credit Limit Balance
12 Exhausts Ltd, 29 High St, Greenock 3000 Nil
13 Cool Tyres, 23 Mains Terrace, Greenock 200 400
14 Basic-parts Ltd, 14 Park St,Glasgow 5000 Nil
15 Car Spares Ltd, 19 Main Terrace,Gourock 6000 1500

(d) List and print out the data sorted in debt order.

(e) Cool Tyres, Greenock would like 100 shock absorbers at 25 each. Would you sanction this order?


(f) The following customers have been declared bankrupt. Delete this record from the file

Afton Radials, 5 Mill Park, Glasgow

(g) Who are our credit customers in Paisley? List these in alphabetical order and obtain a printout.

(h) Check to see if the following orders could be sanctioned and if so alter the records accordingly.

Wheelies, 20 Marlborough Drive, Glasgow

20 KXB exhausts @ 40 each Yes/No

Sparky Ltd, Mayloan Industrial estate, Paisley

100 spark plugs LL4 @ 1.50 each Yes/No

Speedway Capers, 18 Main St, Glasgow

10 super K20 exhausts @ 50 each Yes/No

Zippy Exhausts, 24 Craelon, Glasgow

20 tyres X40 @ 35 each Yes/No

(i) Acreshocks Paisley have been a good customer for 5 years. It has been agreed that their credit limit be extended to 12000. Make the necessary alterations to the records.

(j) List Glasgow customers in balance due order and obtain a printout.

(k) The following amounts have been received by the company. Alter your credit records accordingly:

Zippy Exhausts 1500

Acreshocks 3600

Afton Tyres (2 Hunter Rd, Glasgow) 6500

(l) List customers in alphabetical order, sorted on balance due and obtain a printout.

(m) The maximum amount of credit extended to customers is 12000 per barn. List, in alphabetical order, all customers who have a credit limit of 12000 and obtain a printout.

(n) Find out and write down how many customers the company has in Greenock?

(o) List the names of those customers who owe less than 500 and obtain a printout.