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You are a clerical assistant at Superstore PLC and have been asked by the Data processing manager to set up a file to hold details of all employees in the company.

1. Switch on, boot up and load your database program.

2. Create a file of all employees in Superstore PLC.

3. Enter the following data under the correct field headings:

Bird Michael M MD 1 1
Smith Tom PU M 5 7
Benson Barbara PU C 5a 8
Brown Jack S M 6 9
Glover Marion S C 6a 10
Hothi Miran S C 6a 10
White Pamela S C 6a 10
Crossley Alfred AD CC 3 4
Clarke Sheila AD T 4 5
Philips Paula AD T 4 5
Dodds Susan AD WPO 4a 6

4. When you have entered details for a record, check through your file to ensure that all entries are correct.

5. The following new employees have to be added to the file:

Yates Colin AC A 7 11
Smith John AC WC 7a 12
Gibson Elaine A WC 7a 12
Eaves Mary PE PO 2 2
Thompson Jane PE RC 2a 3
Dobson Penny PE C 2a 3

6. Prepare and print in ascending alphabetical order by name a list of all employees working in the administration department.

7. Prepare and print a list of all employees names and their phone extension numbers sorted by employee name.

8. Prepare and print a list of employee names and the positions they hold, sorted according to position title.

9. Exit, delete your file and close down system.