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cats07.jpg (7133 bytes)

Our second cat Coco 1980

cats08.jpg (5213 bytes)

Sandra and Pallino 1980

cats10.jpg (6271 bytes)

Miao on the tiles

cats09.jpg (5854 bytes)

Miao and Coco on the tiles

cats11.jpg (6663 bytes)

Miao 1980's

cats12.jpg (4766 bytes)

Pallino 1980

cats02.jpg (9564 bytes)

Pallino's nine lives

cats01.jpg (6958 bytes)

The tired pianist

cats03.jpg (9463 bytes)

A family basket Myfanwy & her kittens

cats04.jpg (7946 bytes)


cats05.jpg (7721 bytes)

The IT lesson

cats06.jpg (7294 bytes)

Trio on a chair


The background music was composed in memory Bonnie


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