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Creating a Report with a Wizard


With a Wizard, you can quickly create a basic report that

shows all the fields and records in a table or query, or you

can create a custom report that displays data from

selected fields in a particular format such as mailing labels.

To create a quick report

1 In the Database window, click the Table button.

2 Select the table or query on which you want to base the


3 Click the AutoReport button on the toolbar.

Microsoft Access displays the report.

To create a custom report

1 In the Database window, click the Report button, and

then choose the New button.

2 In the Select A Table/Query box, type the name of the

report's source table or query, or select one from the list.

3 Choose the Report Wizards button, and then choose

one of the following Wizards from the list.

Single-Column Summary

Groups/Totals Tabular

Mailing Label MS Word Mail Merge


4 Follow the directions in the Wizard dialog boxes. In the

last dialog box, you can choose to display the report in

Print Preview or Design view.



If the resulting report isn't what you want, change it in

Design view, or design custom styles that the Wizard

can use when it creates the report again.